Sunday, 27 April 2014

Well hello again!!
It's been sooo long since my last thoughts and ideas were put down here, but i was thinking about creating a few tutorials to share with you.
Maybe some fabric flowers, as they are so pretty and easy to do.
I have been making lots of new and not so new items for my FrangipaniLane shops, here are  just a few:

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

                                         Another order of cupcakes completed! This is an order for somebody
                                          for their little girl's birthday party! What a fun idea!!
                                          They are such fun to make, i am always in the process of a batch.
                                          I start by baking them all first. Then they all get iced together.
                                          Then the most fun part is decorating them with fruit, cream swirls,
                                          licorice allsorts and lots of ridiculously silly felt sweet things!!
                                          Some have felt flowers, and sometimes i make button flowers too!

Friday, 4 January 2013

I have today taken down all the Christmas decorations and put the tree back in its box for another year. The house feels less festive, but it is a New Year, and I'm looking forward to starting new things.
I am rearranging my workspace, and it will be in part of the master bedroom, where there is plenty of room. 
I have begun to sort through all my fabrics, even into colors (don't know how long that will last!) , but the idea is there. Hopefully, i will be able to find exactly what i am looking for quickly, instead of getting lost and frustrated trying to find something i know i have somewhere!!
If any of you have any organisation tips, please feel free to let me know!! I will post a pic of my finished workspace when it is complete, maybe in another week or two.
                                                   This Country cousin is Cassidy, she is a bit cheeky
                                                    in her short shorts!
                                                   She also comes with a blue felt cowgirl hat and blue boots

Monday, 31 December 2012

                                                   Meet Maisie. She's one of the Bathing Beauty's
                                                   Country Cousins come to town for a visit!
                                                  She has a real fringed leather vest.....
                                                   a red checked shirt, frayed back pocket
                                                    and plaited pig tails!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

                                          These are the Bathing Beauties I made at the beginning of summer.
                                          They each have their own personality and accessories. Beatrice
                                           is the one in red with her towel. Claire is in yellow with her flippers
                                          and Ava is in the frilly black bathing suit with her floatie ring.
                                             They are AUD$30 each plus postage
                                          The 2nd set of bathing Beauties are Enid in stripes with towel,
                                          Flo in floral with icecream and Dottie in spots with ipod.
I have been working on more dollies today. After the successful Bathing Beauties, they are going to be introducing their Country Cousins. Pics to follow hopefully tomorrow.